Wesjon aluminum cablebridge


  • Durable aluminum Architectal 6060.22 manufactured from 80% recycled aluminum, equipped with X-ECO label
  • Lid with long spring clip, which ensures a perfect click and always can be opened with a coin, key, or large paperclip

  • The cable bridge is filled from above.
  • Two major cable channels 25 and 35 mm, maximum diameter 14.5 mm, see cross section below
  •  Link capability with a metal strip, which is mounted in an integrated recess
  • Additional metal strips are to be ordered separately

  • Patented freewheel chamber allowing the lid with a "user pollution" continues to function

  • Cablechannels with centregroove  for easy screwing

  • Optional provided with 3 anti-slip strips manufactured by coextrusion HPVC / TPE for a perfect grip on any surface and is ideal where screwing is not allowed.

  • 6 rows of teeth on the bottomside for a perfect grip on carpet floors
  • Light industrial weight about 500 kg (elevator, coffee cart, station wagon, wheelchairs)
  • Maximum size custom color anodizing or length size from 1,500 kg.
  • Saw service directly at the profile
  • Customized service, super high finish by Bomar 500 sawmill which by its hydraulic drive provides an impetus and burr-free cut free and also perfect bevel cuts
  • When cutting the profiles the length is always rounded up to the next available size. For example: You order a profile of 93 cm, you need to order over 120 cm.
  • Individual components available for interior and exterior angle and 90 ° flat angle
  • Weight m‘ = ± 2 kg
  • Download English product brochure